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Saving you money and helping save the environment. A win-win for mother nature, AND your bank balance!

We provide 100% FREE independent advice to homeowners, tenants and landlords who are looking to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and lower their heating bills with ECO 4 grants.

Our friendly team of experts will be happy to discuss all your requirements and see if we can match you with any funding available to help cover the costs of installing any insulation, renewable heating, or Solar PV.

Once we have established your eligibility and potential measures we will arrange for a free survey at your convenience and facilitate the full installation process with your designated installer. All our installers meet the stringent requirements of the role they carry out during the process, including carrying the correct certifications, qualifications, insurance, and criminal record background checks.

We take the pain out of completing grant applications and the whole process of making your home greener.

ECO 4 Grants are helping to save the environment

Did you know that upto 40% of the heat you generate is lost through uninsulated external walls? That could be a grand a year at todays rates!

What are ECO 4 grants and how can they help me?

Helping the UK meet it's net-zero obligations by 2050 starts with the way we keep our homes warm. Which in turn will save you money!

As part of the Net Zero coalition, the UK is legally obligated to reach Net Zero by the year 2050 at the latest.  To achieve this, our government is doubling down on so-called “Green Investments” and  ECO 4  is just one of the many programs currently being funded to help meet our obligations. 

Under ECO 4 or as it’s also known, The Energy Company Obligation version 4,  The UK’s biggest, and most profitable energy suppliers, are funding millions of pounds in insulation and heating upgrades to those living in fuel-poor homes and are at risk of landing up in fuel poverty.

So how do I qualify for ECO 4 Grants?

First, you need to live in a home with an EPC rating of D or below (E or below if rented).  If you do, we need to qualify you or someone living in the home.  If you claim a MEANS TESTED benefit, we can check that you are eligible via the EST data match service. 

Don’t worry if not. ECO 4 Grants are also targeting the millions of working poor in the UK, through the ECO 4 LA Flex extension.  Your council must be participating and your combined household income must be under £31k.  Fill out the form or give us a call to start the process. 

No benefits required if you have a household income under £31,000

What work is funded by ECO 4 Grants?

Eco 4 has moved towards a whole-home approach, and to claim the full amount of funding we need to consider all the measures available and raise your EPC rating by at least 2 bands. We can claim smaller amounts where this just isn’t possible, but this isn’t always enough to cover the full cost.  It’s difficult to say exactly what measure you will be eligible for without carrying out a comprehensive survey of your home.

The survey is completely free of charge and gives all the detail we need to propose a package of measures in full to you.  

Home Insulation Experts

Insulation is our expertise, We will do everything possible to make your home as warm, cosy and efficient as it can possibly be.

Solid Wall Insulation

Internal or External We HAVE to take a fabric-first approach. If your walls are uninsulated, we have to do them before we can fund anything else.

Roof & Loft Insulation

The second biggest source of heat loss at your home, and the most likely secondary measures after your walls. We will inulate all kinds of roofs, Flat, Pitched or Sloping

Solar PV/Battery Storage

Solar is popular right now for a reason. We will fund this where possible but the costs associated make this suitable for only the lowest rated properties.

Renewable Heating Systems

Properties that are lower on the EPC scale may qualify for a renewable heating system FULLY FUNDED. It doesn't hurt to try. Give us a call.

High-Efficiency Storage Heaters

If your home is currently heated by electric panel heaters or older storage heaters, we could save you a fortune by replacing them with HHR storage heaters

Find Out If You Qualify. Request a Call Back!

Finding out if you qualify is as easy as filling in this simple form.  We will do all the hard work for you. We never sell or share your data with anyone else, we’ll just give you a call to discuss your options.

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Eco Force UK provide 100% independent advice to homeowners, tenants and landlords.  We don’t install any measures ourselves, but all work carried out is by fully qualified and insured installers, who are approved via TRUSTMARK and other governing bodies to carry out energy-saving measures under the ECO 4 Grant scheme.  We may be paid a referral fee where we introduce you to an installer, and work is carried out at your property. 

Claims regarding savings on the website are taken loosely from Energy Savings Trust data.  If you want to see for yourself what they say you can visit the EST website 

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 Let our team check your details against the requirements and tell you once and for all.  Low pressure, no obligation, and we don’t sell your data to multiple companies. 

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